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The Power to be Different.


Custom Printing

Variable Data Printing: Through variable data printing, you can match what you have to say with what people want to hear.

Insert your prospect’s name into the piece anywhere you want, more targeted offers to better match the demographics and psychographics of your list or specific information about their past purchases from you. You can even add in imagery that can be variable! Imagine, how much higher your response will be if you use variable data to tailor your mailings to your different audiences.

When you match your message, your offer, and your mailing to the appropriate segments of your list, you get better results and you make more money. Your direct-response printing expert at Andrick & Associates can show you how!



"Color like a peacock, speediness like a leopard, flexibility like an eagle and finally, reliability like a lion. Now you can imagine what the KM-1 is like."


And it's true! Here at Andrick and Associates, our KM-1 allows us to practice the flexibility that defines us. Boasting a high productivity rate of 3,000 sheets/hour, the KM-1 is a wide-format, variable data digital press that allows us to print on wide ranges of substrates and paper thicknesses with 100% G7 color-matching technology. Contact your trusted partners at Andrick and Associates for more information! 


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