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“We’ve always placed a premium on creating win-win relationships for our clients and for our business partners. That’s why, when we were looking for direct mail help, we researched five or six direct marketing firms to find out who matched our way of doing business..."

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Thomas C. Keller, Managing Principal, Keller Partners & Company

"I’ve always appreciated the advice given in the Andrick Answers newsletter.  So when I read their tips about mailing the same piece twice to the same list, I wanted to do a mailing test to see how it would work for us.  And I’m glad I did..."

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Jason Nye, Owner, Florida Filters

"My experience in using Andrick to prepare the Sample Ballots for our Special Election was made so easy and stress-free by the staff there, especially Morna Brady and Brian Jones.  They walked me through..."

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Patsy Adkins, Clerk, City of Northport

"One of the things I love best about working with Andrick is how they are always so willing to help. Whether it’s a last minute change, a rush job, or just answering any questions..."

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Megan Wenger, Development Manager, Children First

"Before we started working with Andrick & Associates, our experiences with similar companies always felt disorganized.  Things took too long.  And there seemed to always be an upcharge or extra we didn’t expect.  With Andrick, all that changed..."

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Lori Benvenuto, Owner, Mercury Printing