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Employment Opportunities:
Mail Machine Operator

Job Title: Mail Machine Operator

Job Type: Full-Time

FSLA: Non-Exempt

Salary Range: Salary will be based on experience and relevant skill set(s)



The Mail Machine Operator (MMO) will set up, operate, and perform operator level maintenance on appropriate mail equipment.  The MMO will also sort and package mail in accordance with USPS regulations in order to present mail on a daily basis to the Business Mail Entry Unit.  As the work dictates, the MMO will also drive a box truck to the Business Mail Entry Unit to present mail.


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Setting up and operating mail machines

  • Perform operator level maintenance on mail machines and equipment

  • Loading data into a computer

  • Loading mail pieces into mail machine

  • Sorting mail and placing pieces into trays and/or onto pallets

  • Preparing mail for delivery to the post office

  • Using a pallet wrapping machine


Essential Functions: 

  • Lift up to 65 pounds

  • Drive a forklift

  • Drive a 14’ Box truck

  • Utilize a pallet jack

  • Ability to stand for extended periods of time


Minimum Qualifications:

  • High School graduate or completion of a GED

  • Valid Driver’s License

  • Ability to lift 65 pounds


Additional Information: Andrick and Associates has been operating in Sarasota since 1984.  We value the relationships with our team members and clients alike.  Andrick and Associates offers an array of benefits including up to 4 weeks PTO, Health, Vision, Dental, and additional supplemental options.

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