Let Us Show You the Easy Way to Measure Your Success.
Man looking at mail


Direct mail marketers have always measured results – but it’s never been this easy or this immediate...Until now.

Andrick & Associates has a proprietary tracking system that lets you compare today’s response with yesterday’s and tomorrow’s.

Let us show you:

  • A proven, yet little-known, approach to build on your success
  • Methods of tracking each direct marketing campaign
  • How to segment your list to improve your results
  • How to determine the lifetime value of your prospects and market to them to capture that value
  • How to determine when to mail – and when not to
  • How to get the most out of your database

We can provide the data you need to understand:

  • Tactics most effective for you
  • Creative marketing strategies getting the most attention
  • Offers that are enticing your customers and generating the most leads

We’ll show you what’s working – and what’s not.  Allowing you to adjust your direct response strategy as the proof rolls in.  This type of immediate information can save you thousands in marketing dollars because now you can switch your dollars to the media that performs best.