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Reveal Your Secret Weapon for Customer Acquisition and Custom Retention

Successful business owners know this:

The number one most powerful way to acquire customers, keep in touch with them, enhance loyalty, and figuratively “build a fence” around customers so they never wander off to your competition... to publish your own monthly newsletter. That’s why so many unsuccessful businesses don’t do it. They’ve got their excuses:

  • It costs too much

  • It’s too much work

  • We don’t have anyone to write it or design it

  • Our customers won’t read it

  • Nobody mails those things anymore

They’re all wrong, but that doesn’t stop people from coming up with reasons for why they “can’t” do something. We’re here to tell you that YOU CAN.

Newsletters are cost-efficient, help you stand out because they’re rare, and they offer you big ROI. Printed newsletters have high “pass around” value and will get you increased referrals. Don’t neglect to send your newsletter to people with the power to refer business to you -- even if they aren’t customers or clients of yours. For example, oral surgeons can get referrals from general dentists, or lawyers can get referrals from accountants, or real estate professionals can get referrals from financial advisors. Here are some other tips for your newsletter:

• Publish Monthly -- Anything less than this and you lose all the relationship building benefits of a newsletter.

• Get Design Help – If you don’t have access to writers and graphic artists, don’t worry. We do. Andrick & Associates can develop your newsletter for you every month. Ask us about our “Done For You” services.

• Stick With It – Your goal is to build and nurture your relationship with your prospects and customers. It’s a drip, drip, drip effect that constantly keeps you in the mind of the marketplace.

A newsletter is unlike most other forms of advertising. When you give your readers useful, entertaining, and relevant content, they will pay much more attention to you than they will to your ads or sales pitches. Every business -- YES, EVERY BUSINESS -- can benefit from publishing a monthly newsletter to clients, patients, customers, donors, and prospects. Small seeds reap big rewards when you take the time to plant your farm the right way with a well-executed newsletter.

If you are looking to increase your client a referral network... and enhance your brand, our NUMBER ONE recommendation for you is to publish a newsletter.

It’s time for you to plan your marketing year for 2022. If you only do one thing, you should publish a monthly newsletter. We can help you write and design it. Give your Andrick expert a call at (941) 351-6565.

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