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There Can Only Be ONE No1!

As we come to the end of March Madness basketball tournaments, teams know that the goal is to win and move on to the crowning of a Champion. At the end, there can only be One #1!

Jeff Andrick was a star athlete at Venice High and leading scorer on the basketball team. In 1984 after graduating from Florida State he took his winning attitude into opening a printing and mailing business. But Jeff always knew the value of Number 1. That is why in 1990 he got up at 3 am to stand in line and be first to get newly issued mailing permits at the just opened Manasota BMEU (Bulk Mailing Entry Unit) near the Sarasota-Bradenton airport.

Prior to the opening of the Manasota BMEU, business mail was cleared at the downtown Sarasota and Bradenton post offices, each having their own set of mailing permits.

Today, the Manasota BMEU handles more than 70 zip codes and hundreds of carrier routes. All of the zips that begin with “342” covering Sarasota and Manatee counties are handled by the Manasota BMEU. There are almost 450,000 consumer addresses and 32,000 business addresses served by the Manasota BMEU in these two counties.

Mailing permits and associated Indicia provide indication of where the mail piece originated. This can be of interest to the recipient as well as provide a mechanism to help in tracking the piece back to the sender. Pieces may be mailed locally and travel across the country; being tracked all the way. Barcodes and QR codes also help to track business mail and identify specific delivery dates to household mailboxes.

There is a lot that goes into business mailing and having state-of-art equipment and talented teammates are critical to success. Much has changed from 1984 when Jeff opened Andrick & Associates. The original digital equipment now looks ancient compared to the modern digital machines that customize mail in a variety of targeted ways to fine tune the marketing message.

But Jeff knew there could only be One #1 and Andrick has proudly mailed under Manasota Permit #1 for over 30 years!

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