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How to Effectively Monetize Holiday Marketing with Targeted Direct Mail

Everyone knows Thanksgiving is the last Thursday in November, followed by Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

But did you know you already missed National Men Make Dinner Day (Nov. 2), National Doughnut Day (Nov. 5), and National Harvey Wallbanger Day (Nov. 8)?

It’s true. In fact, every day in November has at least one “National Day” attached to it. As do every month and every day of the year. It’s a fantastic marketing opportunity.

So, what are you waiting for – Christmas?

Yes, lots of businesses send out Christmas cards. Any kind of holiday marketing is a terrific way to reach out to inactive past customers, current clients, and your top prospects.

It’s also extremely cost-effective. No elaborate mailings are required. And most people enjoy getting holiday cards. So, they open them – and more importantly – read them.

And the more creative you get, the more your recipient is likely to display your card or show it to family, friends, colleagues, and business associates.

If you hurry, there is still time to create and mail Thanksgiving cards. We can help. And do it all for you, if you like.

Why is holiday marketing so effective? Because it allows you to “enter the conversation” already occurring in your customer’s mind. Holiday marketing is a reliable way to connect your promotions (and your goodwill) to a theme your prospect is already thinking about.

In fact, the average person receives 42 Christmas cards during the season. You can associate your business with all those positive feelings, building and strengthening your relationship with your customers.

Keep in mind, many consumer surveys have shown that a significant percentage of people want to shop on holidays – because they are off from work.

But don’t stop at the major holidays. All the “National” days give you a fantastic excuse to theme your mailing and stand out from your competition.

January has National Bubble Bath Day. February, National Send a Card to a Friend Day. March, National Mulled Wine Day . . . just do a Google search to find all the days for 2018.

We typically suggest you make your offer in a separate insert included when your prospect opens your card. That way you avoid the tacky “Merry Christmas and here’s 15 percent off your next oil change” or some other awkward posturing on the card itself.

Again, we can help you create a promotion that will help bring in business for you and make yours a very happy new year, indeed.

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