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How to Use Mail Tracking to Your Advantage & Reach Your Target Audience at the Exact Right Time

Here’s a fancy term for you: multichannel direct marketing.

Don’t let the jargon throw you, because this opportunity for you can make all the difference in the success of your next direct mail campaign.

I’ll explain it in a moment. But first, let me ask you a question. When is the best time for you to follow-up on a mailing you’ve sent to a prospect, customer, or client?

Answer: right after they’ve received your mail.

But how do you know exactly when they receive it? And how do you follow up before your window of opportunity closes?

Andrick & Associates can make this happen AUTOMATICALLY for you. Our multichannel direct marketing services track your mail for you, and each delivered piece of mail triggers other pre-planned marketing messages to be sent – such as an email, text, phone call, or another follow-up mailing.

This allows you to use email marketing, mobile marketing, and telemarketing in the way studies prove most effective – when there is a sense of urgency involved with the message.

Just imagine how much better your campaigns could work for you if you track your mail as it travels through the Postal Service, and then you implement additional marketing as needed.

We can set up a system that will help you:

  • Track precisely when mail is delivered

  • Send out follow up emails based on when your mail is delivered

  • Direct your prospects online to a landing page

  • Automatically send thank you messages and other messages appropriate to your mailing

  • Extend your reach through social media

  • Measure what content your prospects are viewing

  • Using QR codes and customized websites to personalize messages to each prospect in your campaign

That way you can give your prospects many different options for responding to your direct marketing offers. The “secret sauce” of this strategy is your ability to leverage a combination of media to get the results you want.

You can get all this through Andrick & Associates’ multichannel direct marketing services so you can measure responses in a meaningful coordinated way!

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